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Sandra Liotus Lighting Design, LLC (SLLD) have become the foremost experts in their field, custom designing and engineering the most appropriate lighting solutions and systems for their exclusive client base worldwide. All SLLD systems are void of harmful Ultra violet (UV), Infra Red (IR) and maintenance at output. All fittings are minute and discreet with the highest quality glass lenses, creating exquisite sharpness and focus of safe conservation lighting to properly view and protect your valuable art collections.

Creating custom eco-friendly lighting solutions for fine interiors and exteriors.

Sandra Liotus Lighting Design, LLC (SLLD) is a Newport, Rhode Island based specialist lighting design practice who custom design, engineer and implement bespoke enviornmentally friendly lighting solutions. SLLD have over the last two decades become international masters of effective, sustainable lighting solutions for the most exacting projects worldwide. Specialties include valuable art collection lighting using their own custom built systems. The two principals of the business, Sandra Liotus and David Crampton-Barden, have a wealth of over 50 years experience in custom lighting design and engineering.

58th Annual Winter Antiques Show January 20-29, 2012

Park Avenue Armory, Park Avenue at 67th Street – New York City

Held over a 10-day period, the show attracts 25,000 visitors and ranks among New York's top 15 annual events in attendance. Visit to learn more.


TEFAF, Maastricht 2015 March 13-22, 2015. Stand #803 across from #508

MECC (Maastricht Exhibition & Congress Centre) Forum 100 6229 GV Maastricht, The Netherlands

Visit to learn more.

"The (lighting) results consistently have been the most highly effective installations in our 35 years of participation in international art fairs. The art is enhanced enormously."

– David Tunick, David Tunick Inc., New York City, New York


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Newport, Rhode Island, December 12, 2011 –
CONTACT: Sandra Liotus, SLLD at 401.845.9236 or

Sandra Liotus Lighting Design, LLC (SLLD) is set to dazzle the global art world March 16-25 with its debut exhibit at The European Fine Arts Fair (TEFAF) in Maastricht, Holland.

After years of lighting artwork at TEFAF - for the preeminent old master art dealers David Tunick, Inc. - the Newport-based, internationally acclaimed, custom lighting design firm of SLLD will be hosting its own exhibition stand for the very first time at Maastricht 2012.

Celebrating its Silver Jubilee this March, TEFAF has evolved over the last 25 years into the world’s premier fine arts event featuring art and antiques from the most legendary collections and dealers all across the globe. Always pulsing with excitement, this grand cultural collaboration is at the top of every art lover’s list.

Now an annual pilgrimage etched into the calendars of the world’s most discerning art connoisseurs, visitors to TEFAF’s Silver Jubilee will be treated to an once-in-a-lifetime experience as Maastricht 2012 plays host to a rich menu of spectacular events commemorating this auspicious milestone in the renowned art fair’s history.

Thrilled to be a part of that history, SLLD is honored to have been chosen for Maastricht 2012. Generally a purview reserved for fine arts collectors and dealers, it’s a rare privilege for a lighting design firm to be selected by TEFAF as a featured exhibit.  

Eager to savor every moment of this coveted opportunity, SLLD’s principals – Sandra Liotus and Sir David Crampton-Barden – will be on hand throughout Maastricht 2012 to personally greet and meet with visitors at Stand 510 where their patented eco-friendly glass fiber optic lighting system - The Newport Flyer™  - will be on display as they illuminate artwork sampled from  David Tunick, Inc. Entirely void of the harmful ultraviolet and heat emissions associated with conventional lighting systems, The Newport Flyer™ is unparalleled in its ability to protect valuable works of art while augmenting the clarity of color and light with which they are displayed.  

Describing how SLLD’s bespoke lighting design solutions have enhanced his own exhibits, David Tunick offers a rave review of what this unique firm achieves for its clients: “...the most highly effective installations in our 35 years of participation in international art fairs.”  

To learn more about the best methods for lighting and protecting invaluable works of art, please be sure to visit SLLD at TEFAF Stand 510. Making it even easier to locate SLLD at Maastricht 2012, you can simply download the TEFAF Mobile Guide directly to your Smartphone and search for Stand 510.

In the meantime, for more information about Sandra Liotus Lighting Design, LLC (SLLD), please contact us at(401) 845-9236 or or visit our website at


David Tunick
David Tunick Inc.,
New York City, New York

We are old master art dealers. The Liotus/Crampton-Barden Team have put the lighting for our stands at two of the most important art fairs in our business: the Art Dealers Association of America Art Show at the Seventh Regiment Armory on Park Avenue in New York City and at TEFAF in Maastricht (Holland). The results in both instances were the most highly effective installations in our 30 years of participation in international art fairs. It enhanced the art enormously, and our colleagues as well as our clients, including museum professionals noticed the difference right away.

As a result, we were able to recommend Liotus to several top collectors who have gone on to enlist their services to the highest satisfaction. This is important to us, too, because of the conservation qualities of fiber optics. The conservators tell us that the lights are completely cool and without harmful UV.

On another note, working with Sandra and David from start to finish was a pleasure. They are thorough, careful, neat, co-operative, efficient, and economy-minded.


Bertha Saunders, Curator
The Collection of David Rockefeller
New York City Residence

I have never worked with anyone as pleasant and cooperative as Sandra and Sir David. They have been most professional in their planning and installation of the lighting of Mr. Rockefeller's valuable art collection.

They first reviewed the lighting system that had been in place for many years and pointed out its harmful and dangerous effects; they then proceeded to demonstrate the many benefits derived from installing fiber-optic lighting, much to the delight of Mr.Rockefeller, who is so pleased with the successful installation of this system. The success is due to the combined experience of Sir David Crampton-Barden and Sandra Liotus' skills in engineering and designing tailor-made lighting solutions, as well as their team of electricians and woodworkers. I should also add that they have been extremely modest in their design and installation fees.

Mr. Rockefeller is very proud of his new lighting system and continues to invite his colleagues at The Museum of Modern Art, as well as friends, to see his paintings illuminated in all their glory. He is most grateful to Sandra and Sir David for bringing this extraordinary system of lighting to his attention.


Mitchell Lichtenstein
Actor, Film Director
Lighting for Mr. Lichtenstein's Greenwich Village garden and antiquities case

I can recommend Sandra & David 100 percent, with no reservations. They're extremely thorough & careful. Their fiber-optic fixtures are great-looking. The installation of lights in the antiquities cabinet was kind of tricky and they came up with an ingenious solution.

Upkeep is minimal.

There have been a couple of very minor glitches, and their responses to them were quick, cheerful, and free-- even several years after installation.

They're expensive, but I really think they're worth it. And they're really nice people. I plan to use them again for garden lighting at another property.


Nancy and William Zeitler
Private Residence
Jamestown, Rhode Island

The entrance to our home is a lighthouse-like tower with a 30-foot ceiling. Elsewhere we have 15-foot-high ceilings, which made it challenging and expensive to change light bulbs and to achieve a pleasing aesthetic effect.

Sandra Liotus' lighting washes the walls for a magical effect, and it looks like stars out at night. Our friends are flabbergasted when they see it. Best of all, there is no maintenance.

Sandra and David are wonderful to work with; we can't say enough good things about them. They say precisely how much the installation will cost and they don't overrun their estimate. They deliver on what they promise. These people are out of this world and a joy to work with.


Judith Hernstadt
Philanthropist and Media Mogul
Lighting private residence's drawing collection

Sandra and David were very good at planning the lighting for my drawings. They are helpful and friendly, and understood my thoughts about the critical aspects of my lighting needs. The fixtures had to be very discrete, with some light reflected on the ceiling and without too much shadow from the frames onto the drawings.

Their design is aesthetically pleasing, and very effective. I would have preferred a little less shadow from the frames, but there were a lot of other considerations to be balanced and weighed. What they do is an art. There have been zero problems because there is zero maintenance. The lighting devices were just as I expected: very elegant, beautiful little brass lights.


Stuart Silver
Exhibit Designer
New York Yacht Club
Lighting cases to display America's Cup models

The lighting system for the New York Yacht Club cases is an unqualified success aesthetically and operationally. A great deal of planning and coordination was required to create and implement this project, including coordination between them and myself as designer, with the client, and with the fabricator in Stuttgart, Germany.

Sandra and David were available and responsive to the need for constant refinement, client presentations, prototyping, and communication in general. This combination of positive attributes, plus their technical knowledge and sensitivity to aesthetics makes it easy for me to recommend them without qualification.


Paul Miller, Curator
Preservation Society of Newport County, Rhode Island
Costume Gallery lighting and Marble House Gothic Room

Sandra Liotus Lighting Design installed a series of low-heat fiber-optic spots for the Costume Galleries within Newport, Rhode Island's Rosecliff Mansion. We had a very favorable experience. She and her associates were sympathetic to the architectural integrity of our 1902 Stanford White building and to the color schemes of the surrounding space and to the exhibits.

Sandra returns annually to tweak the lighting, so that it keys into the nuances of the costume exhibits' color schemes. She has also spotlighted the key architectural features in our interiors.

She has helped with a variety of solutions and proposals, including help with the grant requests for the Son et Lumiere spectacles and their lighting.

Sandra Liotus' design is a non-intrusive, inviting system.


Margaret Franklin and Barry Goldman
Private Residence and Collectors
Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts

If you are considering using Sandra Liotus Lighting Design for your upcoming project, this letter is to urge you to proceed. Our experiences with Liotus Lighting have been exceptional and we have no doubt that you will be equally pleased.

It was an absolute pleasure, both personally and professionally, to have Liotus Lighting involved in our various lighting projects throughout several years.

We first made their acquaintance as part of a large renovation project in an 1870 townhouse. There were a number of difficult and unusual problems due to the original Victorian architectural details in our home. The spaces were finished and/or inaccessible for wiring, making any type of conventional lighting implementation impossible. We were deeply concerned about avoiding any possible damage to the detail while installing aesthetically and historically sympathetic lighting.

We had initially expected to have to invest heavily in an expensive fiber-optic system and contacted Sandra Liotus Lighting Design after attending a lecture they presented on fiber-optics at a Restoration & Renovation Conference. Sandra and David listened attentively to our challenging problems and immediately set up an appointment to see the site. We, of course, thought some high priced fiber-optic system (the prime subject of the lecture) would be the recommendation. Fortunately, Sandra and David guided us to a much more economical and aesthetically pleasing set of answers.

Sandra and David devoted a great deal of time, thought, concern and expertise to devise a series of extremely clever solutions to our lighting needs. These systems have been aesthetically superb, price efficient and relatively low maintenance. And of especial concern to us, the systems were well installed with minimal impact on the delicate historic materials of our home.

In telling fashion, Liotus Lighting not only addressed our large and highly challenging problems, they devoted equal energy and cleverness to a small but meaningful project with a light box to display a stained glass panel. It meant a great deal to us that they were completely devoted to finding the perfect solution to even this small budget project.

We were not the only ones overwhelmed by Liotus Lighting. Both our architect and general contractor felt that the professionalism and expertise of Sandra and David far exceeded that of any other lighting designers with whom they had worked.

Since the initial installations, Sandra and David have remained engaged in the work. They have taken the initiative to stay current on and inform us of technological advances that we can use to improve the lighting.


Rick Prigg, General Manager
Willet Hauser Studios

I have never worked with two more professional and excellent people. We have worked together on several projects lighting stained glass, and there is simply no one in the lighting industry that approaches the high bar of their work.


Alicia and Normal Volk, Private Collectors

Two years ago we saw the Sandra Liotus Lighting Design installation at David Rockefeller's home. We knew immediately how advanced this lighting system was. This experience with Sandra and David (SLLD) has been enjoyable and unlike any we have ever had. Their consistent and superb attention to details and their reliability has been exceptional. They honor their word and have ethics. They have surpassed our expectations in every way. To this day Sandra and David continue to stop over and make sure that we are happy with the system and always offer to be of assistance.


The Art of Collecting

For my book, The Art of Collecting, An Intimate Tour Inside Private Art Collections, with Advice on Starting Your Own, I have included 23 interviews with a variety of fascinating collectors, and 15 essays on topics in collecting. For the essay on lighting, I asked Sandra Liotus and Sir David Crampton-Barden, of Sandra Liotus Lighting Design to participate in the book by telling the readers about their unique lighting system.

As an author, art dealer and advisor, I realize the importance of lighting art work properly, and consider their company to offer the most exquisite, revolutionary, state of the art lighting. Collectors and curators will benefit greatly from reading about this beautiful method of lighting art work.

Design New England

Writes Jill Connors – "In a gesture that once captures the seriousness with which they take their work, and their awareness of the power of perception, lighting specialists Sandra Liotus and David Crampton-Barden don starched white lab coats on their job sites."

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Design New England

Writes Jill Connors – "In a gesture that once captures the seriousness with which they take their work, and their awareness of the power of perception, lighting specialists Sandra Liotus and David Crampton-Barden don starched white lab coats on their job sites."

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Kennedy Green House

Robin Wilson is a nationally recognized eco-friendly and healthy home interior designer focused on the 'foundation to the furniture.' Industry insiders describe her style as 'classic with a modern touch' with a focus on sustainable, reusable, recyclable and non-toxic options. She founded her firm in 2000

"The Sandra Liotus Lighting Design team was an amazing partner to work with on the Kennedy Green House. From an early site inspection to multiple meetings, they are able to provide innovative solutions and ideas that take your project from concept to reality... it is unbelievable to see how the technology is so efficient, yet beautiful. We will absolutely continue to specify their custom design services and solutions for other projects..." - Robin Wilson


For an initial consultation, please contact Sandra and David at 401-845-9236

To Summarize

Sandra Liotus Lighting Design, LLC have been contributing and designing environmentally-friendly systems for over 15 years and are renowned for their customer service and attention to detail on each and every project they undertake. Each project is reviewed, designed and custom built for each project with sensitivity to contemporary or traditional architecture and new or existing spaces.

All systems are created and built to be timeless in its design for the interior or exterior, creating no maintenance for the clients for many years. The SLLD products are built to last, and in many cases are lifetime components, remaining sustainable for future years of use.